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A Closer Look to Hilisimaetano, a Cultural Village in South Nias

JAKARTA – If you willing to travel to a remote area in Indonesia and feel the real culture where everyone still holds onto it then Hilisimaetano will be the right choice. This cultural village will give such an exotic experience of enjoying the local culture.

Located in Maniamolo District, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra, Hilisimaetano is put on the top 50 of Indonesia Tourism Award 2022. this place offers a real deal of local culture especially the tradition. The local community holds the tradition like it was half of their soul.

Some meghalitic age tools could even be found in this village. The local community man and woman even will dress in traditional way using their traditional day to day costume. Such a captivating view you found in this modern day.


You will also find a small kingdom that rule this area. The society were divided into class and they still have those hundreds years traditional dance and games such as Mogaele dance, tiger dance, stone jumping, and more.

As for the stone jumping which also known as fahombo, it will only be performed by the local guy. It need your skill and competence in jumping 2 meter high pile of stones. Those men who able to jump this stone will stated as a full adults and it’s some kind of pride for them.

To watch the beauty of those lush vast green rice field will also be such nice view to have. To top it of, you could also visit the souvenir shops located on the local traditional market of Hilisimaetano which you will say as a small folks market. They have such a nice crafts like hats, wooden sculptures, or even swords.

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