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Es Santan Ketan Hitam, Another Way to Enjoy Your Purple Sticky Rice

MALANG – Malang has been well known to be a nice place for tasting some local culinary. This city has hundreds of tasty foods which will pamper your belly. Including the Es Santan Ketan Hitam, it’s a kind of beverage which made of purple sticky rice.

Es Santan Ketan Hitam literally means purple sticky rice with coconut milk and ice cube.  This typical beverage of Malang has enchanted everyone who tastes it with super invigorating combination of coconut milk, purple sticky rice, bread, and syrup.


Some rice jellies were also added to make the taste merrier. The syrup used for this beverage is a special essence the local called as frombosen. Vanilla essence was also added to elevate the fragrance.

In Malang alone, there are dozens of street vendor to food shops even restaurant that served this beverage. Of course each vendor has their own recipe. But you can get it on several strategic places or even some place near your hotel.

Just say Es Grafika at Jalan Tanimbar, Klojen, Malang. This place situated right in front of SMK 4 Malang. It was established in 1959 and has become the number one where the local community gets their Es Santan Ketan Hitam.

Since then, there have been lots of people trying to copy their recipe and start the same business. But the taste won’t be as perfect as Es Grafika. “We are happy that our business have become an inspiration for others,” Joni, the owner of Es santan Ketan Hitam Grafika.

This Es Santan Ketan Hitam vendor opens on weekdays from 10.00 t0 15.00 local western times. A set of this beverage will only cost you for IDR 4 – 5 K. In addition, this vendor has been acknowledged as one local heritage of Malang by the local government.

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