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Yogyakarta Traditional Archery Contest ‘Jemparingan’ Returns After 2 Years

Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta’s Duchy of Puro Pakualam re-organized the traditional archery competition, known locally as the ‘jemparingan’, on Sunday, 26 June, at the Kopertis Field. The Jemparingan Paku Alam Cup returned after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Representing the Puro Pakualaman Bendara, Pangeran Haryo (BPH) Kusumo Bimantoro said that the event was held to commemorate the 210th “Hadeging” or the founding day of the Duchy of Pakualaman.

“We are still limiting participants this year because we are still in a pandemic,” Bimantoro said.

He said that 160 archers—28 of whom are women—from 70 paguyuban (associations) participated in the competition. When competing, the archers are required to wear the ageman or Mataram-style clothing. They shoot in a sitting position.

“Jemparingan Mataraman is a traditional sport that is still lacking in popularity among the public,” he said. “It is important to continue to introduce it as one of Mataram’s cultural heritages.”

According to Yogyakarta Special Region’s Tourism Office head Singgih Raharjo, Jemparingan is an event that showcases how old traditions still exist and are part of Yogyakarta’s cultural attraction. “Not every region has access to organize this sport,” he said.

After the Paku Alam Cup, the government will hold a jemparingan competition for the HamengkuBuwono Cup.

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